Course Design
for Showjumping

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Software, designed
for Showjumping

Improve your Course Plans


Easy to get started


The only program you need


Everything in exact scale


Save and start with next class


Easy to change from one class to the next


Printouts in any language


Measuring distances and course length


Calculate time allowed and time limit


Show jumps and courses in 3D


Sponsor jumps by design


Course plans
Most of the work is done as when creating a normal sketch, a 2D plan that looks just as usual.

Now you get a lot of help and support from your computer.

Any shape
You can draw your plans in any shape and size you want. Rectangles, polygons, ovals... or any irregular shape you choose.


Measuring, time limit, time allowed

A built in measuring tool makes it easy to precisely estimate the distance between any two points on the course.

The distances can be measured and time allowed and time limit will be calculated.

Scale can be adjusted to get an overview of the entire course, or to zoom into a specific detail.

Standard setting for measuring is meters, if you want you can change this to feet and inches.


Exact scale
Everything that you place on the course will be according to scale, with the correct length and width of the obstacles.

You can even state the desired length of the poles for each obstacle.

Prepared models
You will find ready made oxers, verticals, walls, water jumps...
The program also includes a set of prepared models. Choose bars, planks, gates etc. You decide the height and length by clicking or by simply typing in your figures.

Save and use again

You save all your drawings in a file.

When it is time to create a new class, you can use the previous one as a starting point. Just by drag and drop you can easily move the obstacles in to new positions, finding the right lines.

Next time you start you have all the obstacles and details ready for new designs.


List of obstacles with specifications

This is a plan for the obstacles that you are using. You will also find a picture of each obstacle and its measurements.

Printouts in any language

You can have your course plans with text and information in any language.
Before printing you can edit the headlines, subheads etc. and choose any text you want to appear on the course plan.

The working language for Acuro is English, but you can edit the print outs to whatever you want.